Best Music of 2016 – Alternative

I hate calling this alternative, but what else do I call it? Stuff that hipsters and college radio might play? I will say that I’ve seen none of these 5 on any lists, so either I am out of the loop (yes) or I have unorthodox tastes (yes).

Top 5 “alternative” songs:

  1. Weaves – Shithole

My favorite new band of 2016. Every song on their debut album is strange, off-kilter and fun.

2. Yeasayer – Dead Sea Scrolls

The best Duran Duran song they never recorded. Wish the rest of Amen & Goodbye was as good as this track. Oh well.

3. Deerhoof – Plastic Thrills

It seems each year or two a Deerhoof song makes my list. This is a frustrating band in that they can write the perfect catchy/odd-ball song that is musical magic, and then the next three songs will pale in comparison. One day, maybe they’ll make my best albums list. I’ll take what I can get.

4. Islands – Fear

Islands put out two new albums in 2016, Should I Remain Here at Sea? and Taste. The former is more subdued and song-crafty and the latter more electronic-trippy. I liked them both, but, at the core, I prefer songcraft, and so I went with the below song for my best of 2016. If the two albums were combined, using the best of both albums, it might’ve made my top 5 albums of the year. But I can make that album myself, thanks to playlists, so it’s all good.


5.  STRFKR – Tape Machine

STRFKR — you can probably add in the vowels and figure out the full name of this band — has gone in an almost exclusively electronic direction on recent albums, but although there are less guitars now, they haven’t lost their fun, catchy energy. Although I can’t imagine them reaching the brilliance of their debut album’s oddball hit “Ladeedaa,” I can get into their more straight-up electro dance sound too. I’m able to accept change as long as the changes include great songcraft.



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