Gun Control – Anvil

I tend to stay out of hot button (or even cold button) political discussions as they usually lead to me feeling woefully uninformed and even more depressed or angry or both. My way of entering the mosh-pit of political conversation is to find a piece of art that speaks for me better than I think I can for myself.

The seemingly endless string of mass shootings that have raged out of control in this country is one such topic that I struggle to add anything new to the discussion. In the Bay Area where I live, the large majority of people here are advocates for strict gun control laws and this is great, cause I couldn’t imagine living in a city where most of the citizens are NRA members who believe they have to maintain a personal arsenal in case the guvneyment comes and takes away their guns and their freedoms and their collection of sleeveless Kid Rock t-shirts. Semi-automatic and automatic weapons are needed for the coming civil war, didn’t you know that?

Thankfully, Anvil — one of the great heavy metal bands of the past 40 years — have created the perfect head-banging anthem to address these issues. For me, hearing Steve “Lips” Kudlow scream “Gun Control” over and over between lines like Are you a vigilante? and Another sniper on a hill? and Are you a big game hunter? is a more effective plea for action or expression of exasperation  than another obvious and whiny folk ballad (sorry, recent Neil Young).

Even though their medium is Big-Dumb-Loud Heavy Metal, which usually tends to glorify violence and violent imagery (often with tongue in cheek), Anvil has flipped the tables and created the first great hard rock song tackling the importance of gun control.

I doubt Hillary Clinton will be playing this at her rallies, but I’m doing my part to spread the gospel of Anvil.

Protect The Constitution
Another twenty-one die
Is it the institution?
Are we to question why?
Is ownerwhip essential
For everyone to have?
But what is your credential?
Or have you just gone mad?
Wounds to bleed from
Do we need some?
Gun control
Gun control

Fear, anger and jealousy
Distortion of reality

Gun control
Gun control
Gun control
Gun control

Do you defend your family?
Or go and rob a bank?
Do you defend your country?
For that who do we thank?
Do we need some?
Gun control
Gun control

And if this is all a bit too political for your tastes, you can always switch back to any of Anvil’s many great Spinal-Tap like tunes. Like this one.



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