2015 Best Music pt. 4 – Garage

So hard to limit these posts to just two songs, especially for 2015 garage rock, as this was a banner year for good ol’ fashioned rock and roll.

The first pick here, The Connection’ “Labor of Love” is nothing you haven’t heard before. It sounds like a lost track from the late 60’s/early 70’s. Smart guitar riffs and catchy melody. A little bit Ramones, a little bit Rubinoos. This eponymous track from their 2015 album is just one of 10 fun songs I could have included here. The album was produced by Andy Shernoff of The Dictators and he brings his own history of pop-punk to this album. I would venture to guess that this is in my top 5 most played albums of 2015. It’s that good.

Low Cut Connie – Diane (Don’t Point That Thing at Me)

Another solid, front to back, classic rock and roll album from 2015 is Low Cut Connie’s “Hi Honey.” Think Chuck Berry meets Black Keys with some R&B overtones. While looking them up just now I see that the producer of this album is Thomas Brenneck, who produced Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, which makes sense, since SJ and DK were in my top albums of last year.

I guess I have a sound I gravitate to after all. The song I chose is more guitar driven than most of the other tracks, which tend to feature the piano (the band lugs around a grand piano to all their gigs); but it’s the one I keep finding myself humming. I’ve added my 2nd favorite song from the album below, in case you want more than a single taste.


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