2015 Best Music pt. 2 – Old School

Blackalicious – Ashes to Ashes

I will admit: I like my hip-hop old-school and funky. I’m good with drum machines and loops, but if you want to pierce me through the top of my head and out the soles of my feet, it’s gotta have live drums and BASS.

And this tune from Blackalicious’ great new album “Imani Vol. 1” (will there be a Vol. 2 soon?), Ashes To Ashes, fits the bill. It’s been 10 years since Blackalicious has graced us with new music and I can say it was worth the wait. The album is a veritable history lesson of hip-hop. It’s got 80’s style minimalism, some 90’s loop-based gangsta (“Escape”), 2000’s T-Pain style auto-tune (“Inspired By”), and of course no great hip-hop album would be without collaborations with other artists (Imani Coppola, Monophonics, Lyrics Born, Fantastic Negrito).

But it’s the funkiest tune on the album that I go back to more than the others and if you don’t find yourself shaking your booty (and perhaps another body part or two) playing the above video (well, just the audio really), then you probably had a bad day or are at work and don’t want to scare your co-workers.

This album has gotten little to know press and I don’t understand it, other than, maybe I’m getting old, and the music critics are all under 30 now. (Insert several “kids these days!” ranting sentences.)

Little Boots – Get Things Done

Keeping with the bass-heavy old-school sound, I’m including a new discovery in 2015, Little Boots. This one definitely is more from the disco-dance world, but, like Ashes To Ashes, has a killer bass line and just gets my blood movin’.

Little Boots is really Victoria Hesketh, whose new album “Working Girl” is influenced by the 1988 Melanie Griffith comedy of the same name. So expect late 80’s style dance music; maybe a little Madonna, a little Giorgio Moroder. Some sexuality, some female empowerment, and a lot of fun.

Nothing to make you contemplate your navel, but like my “brother” Adam Goldberg once said in the great movie Dazed and Confused, when asked what he wants to do with his life, he says: “I wanna dance!”





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