Death Alley Classic

I’m going through a major early 80’s hard-rock phase lately.  It’s partly because of my Spotify obsession and the ease of hearing what I want immediately.  And it’s partly because this is the music I grew up with.  Junior-High school years.  The years of transitioning from hard rock to new wave.  Punk came later.  Sorry.  Not that much later, though.  I feel bad for the punks who never got to experience a NWOBHM period of their youth.  New Wave of British Heavy Metal to you acronymnly challenged.  To me it’s the best way to a musical open mind later in life.  Going from classic rock to prog to heavy metal to hair metal to new wave to punk to ska to funk to world (latin-african-gypsy mostly) and back to classic rock and heavy metal.  Not as subdivided as all that, but sort of an overlapped progression, never a replacement – more of a supplementation.

It could be my recent obsessions with aging, with ever increasing curmudgeon-liness.  These fucking kids!  They don’t know shit and their stupid clothes and and their ass-crack pants and retarded haircuts!  And the fucking bands they listen to!  Boring and derivative.  Can’t you come up with your own fucking ideas?  Don’t get me started!
Which is why I can’t stop listening to Rainbow.  Yes, Rainbow.  Ronnie James Dio-era Rainbow.  Sure.  Awesome.  Man on the Silver Mountain.  Amazing.  But that was the 70s and I came of age during the era of Joe Lynn Turner on vocals and he had it going too.  I even liked Graham Bonnet’s stuff with Rainbow.  Lost in Hollywood is one of my favorite Rainbow songs of all.  Sure, you can say the 80’s stuff is dated, and end to end, the ’82 album, Straight Between the Eyes doesn’t hold up, but any album that has Death Alley Driver and Stone Cold starting it off with a 1-2 punch, can’t be expected to keep it up.

Never even mentioned Ritchie Blackmore, who is definitely one of the top guitarists of all time.  His solos hold up over the decades and, to me, are unique and inimitable.  No one sounded like him and no one has since.  And how can you argue with a music video where a motorcycle riding Joe Lynn Turner is being chased down by a Ritchie Blackmore passengered 1920’s (?) black (Lincoln?) that could probably couldn’t keep up with a Vespa.  Classic.


2 thoughts on “Death Alley Classic

  1. Right on target. What about Iron Maiden. Dio was the shit, got to see him blow Aerosmith of the stage in 83. Holy diver tour.

  2. Good tune and amazing video. What a time capsule! And probably the best keyboard solo I’ve heard in a metal tune. Dude was rockin! And comin out of the solo, the song builds intensity like a mo-freaka and then bam, it stops. Love it.

    Rainbow was always one of those bands that I heard people talk about and I knew a few of their tunes; but I never had any of their records. I kind of missed the boat on Rainbow. One might say I missed the Rain boat. Eww, that was bad. Friends, especially guitar player friends, were way in to Rainbow; probably because of Ritchie Blackmore. And there’s no doubt that Blackmore shreds. Amazing geetar player.

    Looks like I should go out (get on the internet) and get (illegally download) some Rainbow. As always, thanks for posting Steve!!

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