Back in Black

It’s the end of 2011, a strange but mostly memorable year, though I struggle to remember much of it.  I find myself in an evaluative headplace this week, as is wont in these times and have awoken at 5am deciding to revisit the blog.  It’s surely passe and perhaps a bit outdated to blog at this technological point, but I did rather enjoy exploring the themes, mostly musical in nature, that occurred to me, via the written word.  I did not blog in 2011 and did little if no creative writing at all either.  My “resolution” therefore for 2012 is to write more regularly, to reclaim this outlet of expression and if possible to place no sense of expectation upon it.  Regularity would be nice, but I know that life ebbs and flows and so will my postings here.

I do desire for some sort of dialogue and community, as this is not a diary but (hopefully) an exploration of ideas and a sharing of cool shit that I’ve discovered/remembered/experienced/imagined and stolen.  I heartily encourage huzzahs, counterpoints, corrections and accolades.

I will try to make things visually interesting as well as thought provoking, borderline offensive (in a good way), and certainly with a strong sense of curmudgeonly passion.   If you have any art that you have created yourself that you would like me to add, feel free to send it to me and I will find a place for it.

Thanks for visiting and please do come back soon.